Employee of the Month – Shay Cloud

Our community is home to incredible team members who come in each day to serve our Members. Being passionate about your job is a trait that our leadership team makes a priority. This passion is shown through providing quality services, compassionate care and following the company’s Guiding Principles to create an excellent experience for community Members and co-workers. This month we are recognizing Shay Cloud, a housekeeper who has found her place as a part of the team at Homestead Hills in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Shay makes every day better for our Members and other staff members. She takes everything to the next level when it comes to supporting the community.

Shay walks around the community with the biggest smile on her face, every day that she works. Being able to focus on our Members and putting their needs first, is a priority for our employees, and it’s something that Shay does constantly. Working every day with the mentality that it is a new day, she goes above and beyond to do whatever she can for the Members. Shay’s Team Members know that they can rely on her to help support them in their day-to-day duties.

Being an energetic, upbeat, and positive member of the team is why Shay has earned the honor of Homestead Hills Employee of the Month. She brings a bright light into the community that follows her whenever she goes. She believes what Homestead Hills focuses on in their every day practices. Homestead Hills guiding principles that are the foundations they operate are as follows: “People First, Always, We Exist to Serve Our Members, and We have a Responsibility to be Full.” We are thankful for Teams Members like Shay who support those principles every day in their work.

Congratulations, Shay! You deserve this!

Shay Cloud