Silver Pen Winners 2023

Homestead Hills Announces Essay Winners

The 2023 Silver Pen Competition has officially ended, and Homestead Hills is proud to announce the winners.

Homestead Hills invited their three winners and their friends and families to an awards on May 5th, 2023. There they were presented with $3,750 cash prizes and essay topic for 2023 was as follows:

“How have the extracurricular programs such as music, art, clubs, volunteer/service opportunities, and/or sports teams helped with your educational and personal growth? How do you feel it would affect the education system if they were taken away?”

Each essay topic was discussed and selected by Homestead Hills Members who make up the judging panel.

The Silver Pen Writing Competition is an essay competition that Homestead Hills parent company, The Maxwell Group, started in 2012 to bridge the communication gap between high school seniors and their Members. Over the last ten years, they have awarded over 380,000 dollars to high school seniors to help them with the rising tuition costs. Each participant must submit a written essay with a minimum of 1,000 words.

1st Place

first place

Estella Heid

Penn Foster High School

2nd Place

second place

Morgan Creason

Davie County High

3rd Place

third place

Abigail Hall

Mount Tabor High School

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