Top 5 Social Events of 2020

1. Hoedown Throwdown Fall Festival

Autumn provides us time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. In light of the events of 2020, the team at Homestead Hills wanted to do something special for their Members. Our Fall Festival “Hoedown Throwdown” provided our Members with a place to dance, catch up, and enjoy some old fashioned southern classics! Local bluegrass band, ‘None of the Above’ joined in on the festivities playing for a total of three hours. While local business, Henry’s Kettle Korn brought a variety of flavored popcorn. Our attendees participated in pumpkin bowling and a pumpkin patch and everyone got to take a little pumpkin home with them! We topped the day off with Apple Cider Whiskey Slushies – YUM!

2. ALZ Prep & Walk

At Homestead Hills, it is important to give back to organizations that support our mission of “People First, Always.” Every year we host different fundraisers that support the Alzheimer’s Association. Near the end of the fundraising year, there is a Walk to End Alzheimer’s that our community sponsors and participates in. Due to COVID-19, the walk was rescheduled so we hosted our own walk within our community. Even though we are unable to attend a local area walk this year, missing out on an opportunity to bring together our Members and Team Members wasn’t an option! The Alzheimer’s Association is near and dear to our hearts, and this year to date, we have raised over $6,000 to support the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

3. Archery

Our community has a variety of clubs and organizations that our Members can join! Throughout 2020, we wanted to spend a little more time outside and our Social Director, Jennifer introduced Archery to our community! Each week, two groups have met to work on their skills. For some of our Members, this has been a brand new hobby and for others it brings back memories from years ago. Archery has helped our Members with their hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination, all while adding in some friendly competition too!

4. Afternoon Music & Tapas

Live music brings out the best in our Members. In Winston-Salem, the mild weather and beautiful scenery offer the perfect venue for live bands. One of our favorite local bands, ‘Wonderwall’ a Beatles Tribute Band joined us for an afternoon of tapas and music. They are incredibly talented so it is always a treat when they get us dancing and grooving. Our Dining Team prepared tapas or ‘small plates’ that were inspired by Beatles songs which were the perfect addition to this event! Wonderwall is a favorite among our Members and we love having them perform for us throughout the year!

5. ALZ Farmer’s Market & Bake Sale

Supporting both local and national organizations is important for the team at Homestead Hills. Every year, our Members love to go to the Farmer’s Market to purchase locally made goods. Due to COVID-19 protocols, we had to re-image how to make that possible. Our team contacted local farmers and venues to bring in their products safely into our community so Members could shop in the comfort of their home! We had three local farms provide honey, jelly, sweet apple butter, vegetables, and more! Our Dining Services team provided baked goods that Members could purchase and all the donations supported the Alzheimer’s Association!